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The independent members of the Internet Computer Association (ICA) together create an Internet Computer ecosystem with the highest possible levels of integrity.

Members consist of geographically distributed and diverse businesses and nonprofit organizations, including data centers and node providers, startups building decentralized services and their investors, participants in decentralized finance, enterprises migrating to the open internet, universities and research organizatons, educators and many others. The ICA continues to welcome new members that support its mission of stewarding the adoption of the Internet Computer.

ICA Charter


To govern the Internet Computer by means of submitting and voting on proposals that control the expansion of the network and the implementation and rollout of new features.

Security and Privacy

To provide the Internet Computer with the highest levels of security and privacy available in any decentralized blockchain system.

Certification and Compliance

To provide technical guidance for joining the Internet Computer ecosystem as a node provider. This includes hardware specifications, networking guidelines, and configuration options.

Transparency and Integrity

To ensure that the Internet Computer produces sufficient quality data that allows the community to understand the dynamics of the ICP economy and to verify decentralization claims.

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