Internet Computer Fellowship

The Internet Computer Fellowship is 12 months in length. It begins in early June 2021 and runs through the end of May 2022. Fellows will participate in an immersive one week training session remotely before beginning engaging in their 10-20 hour per week schedule for the remainder of the program.

The Internet Computer is a public blockchain that hosts smart contracts that run at web speed. As an IC Fellow, you will learn how to build dapps on the Internet Computer that are unhackable, fast, and scale to billions of users around the world.


The Internet Computer Fellowship is a 12 month program aimed at students and those with experience in lesson development. Fellows are tasked with creating Internet Computer related course materials, optimized for online learning management platforms such as Udemy, EdX, and Coursera.


Monday, June 14, 2021

Friday, June 18, 2021

Background and Experience

The 2021 Fellowship may be a good fit for educators, graduate students, TA’s and other computer science education advocates interested in gaining practical experience working with emerging blockchain based technology, cryptography, and next-generation software development environments.

To qualify for the 2021 Fellowship, a bachelor’s degree is preferred but not necessary, however some work experience is required. Experience in the development of CS focused lesson plans and an understanding of current software development frameworks is preferred.

Work alongside top industry professionals who left some of the world’s leading companies to build the Internet Computer.



Develop content

Approximately 70% of your time

Following the one-week training session, you’ll spend approximately 70% of your time develop- ing Internet Computer lessons and recording guided content for educators and university student organizations.

Lead the discussion

Approximately 20% of your time

Using the lesson plans, toolkits, and assets created by you and your peers, you will spend approximately 20% of your time leading the discussion at online events for educators and students within the Internet Computer ecosystem

Community outreach

Approximately 10% of your time

Identifying and connecting with the educators at universities and educational programs that focus on emerging technology will take up approximately 10% of your time.

What You’ll Learn

  • Thought Leadership & Content Creation
  • Programming in Motoko & Rust
  • Internet Computer Development Framework
  • The Internet Computer Protocol
  • Decentralized Application Development
  • Tokenized Governance & Business Models


Will there be continued learning throughout the Fellowship?

Yes, the remote one week training session aims to provide Fellows with a foundation which will need to be expanded upon over the course of the 12 month fellowship. Applicants should expect to participate in additional online and group sessions well beyond the initial training.

How am I likely to spend my week post training?

  • Lesson Plan Development & Content Creation: 5 hours
  • Assisting students and educators: 3 hours
  • Collaborating with DFINITY team: 2 hours
  • Collaborating with LMS providers: 2 hours
  • Collaborating online with peers: 1 hour
  • Outreach to local CS educators: 1 hour
  • Ready to master the Internet Computer?